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Sugar Daddy Misconceptions: The Truth About Being A Sugar Daddy

Many people don’t really understand what a sugar daddy actually means and plenty of them also have wrong conceptions about it. However, by reading the text below you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about them.
It seems that while many of us have heard about the sugar daddy dating sites and how they’re dating beautiful young ladies all the time, we don’t really understand what the term “sugar daddy” actually refers to and that’s because it is quite open to interpretation. While some may scrutinize the term for objectifying women, it’s not really the case. Someone who is known as being a sugar daddy is actually an independent and sometimes handsome man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company.
However, given the fact that there have been many cases that have set the term a wrong image, a lot of stereotypes have appeared along the way, making these individuals actually look bad in the eyes of other people. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the more prominent sugar daddy stereotypes which are generally assumed, but never true.

Sugar Daddies: Old men looking for dating younger girls


“They are looking for younger women”

While for many of you this might ring true, it’s really not the case. A sugar daddy can be someone who is in his thirties or someone who is a very successful chief executive officer in his fifties and because of the nature of their job; they don’t really have someone besides them to support them when they need it. In this regard, it seems that using sugar daddy dating sites is one of the best ways for them to meet attractive young ladies and spend some quality time with them.
The stigmatization of “old men” comes from the fact that most people will get to be successful while they are in their thirties if they’re lucky, because that is the time when they’ll reach their socio-economic plateau. After all, there aren’t too many ridiculously rich people in their twenties out there, asides from the founder of Facebook.

Sugar daddies pay attractive ladies for sex


“They pay good amount of money to satisfy their lust”

This is yet another dirty myth that is just dead wrong. Even though sex is something that will naturally happen in a relationship between 2 people, it should not define the lifestyle. The reason to why sugar daddies require company is because they lead very busy lifestyles and they do want to feel the warmth and caress of a beautiful female counterpart. Other people though just want to have someone next to them in order to enjoy a great dinner, a wonderful vacation or just have beautiful women around them to act as vibrant muses. In the end, everyone has their own reasons to why they choose to have an attractive female counterpart next to them.

Sugar daddies pay young women as a last resort

The truth is that sugar daddy dating sites have plenty of women to choose from and they are all very beautiful, but sugar daddies won’t go with the first beautiful woman they see. They are looking in most cases for a meaningful relationship, one that will bring both benefits in the long run. Emotional support is very important for a businessman and that is why successful men will do anything in order to get it. It also takes time to create an authentic relationship and in order for this to work, rules must first be set. Other than that, the rest will follow as time goes by.

Sugar daddies involve money to demean and objectify women


“They use money as a weapon to woo the girl”

You could ask any sugar daddy you want and see what they’ll answer when you’ll pose them the question of how they feel if they are taken care of. Most of the times, given their statute, sugar daddies are the ones who want to please women and make them care and love them even more that is why they will constantly pamper them, shower them with different gifts, and take care of expenses and so on. By doing so, you’ll find out that no woman in their right minds will reject them.
After all, it’s the man’s duty to take care of a woman and that is what these guys are doing. In fact, they’re doing such a great job, that men who cannot keep up with them (it doesn’t mean they need earn the same) might or should feel a bit shamed. However, it’s not really about spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, but about intent and generosity. Sugar daddies generally love and want to take care of women and every man out there who has a wife or girlfriend should share this sentiment.

Studies regarding the truth about sugar daddies

A new research suggests that the notion of wealthy “sugar daddies” who boast with pretty and young wives may be more fiction than fact. The study has discovered that couples in which one of the partners is younger and the other older, are generally less educated and attractive and that couples of similar ages, are generally making more money. On top of that, the researchers said that the greater the age difference between the partners the greater these negative will be.

A four decade long study


“Sugar daddy loves to give gifts”

The study started in the sixties and ended in 2000 and it focused on the age when individuals first got married, completed their education, their salary and earnings. The study also examined a nineteen seventy nine national survey of youth to assess the mental skills of people. As a result, the study discovered that people who have higher abilities and attend 4 year colleges will most of the times tend to interact with people of their own age. When they graduate, they’ll pursue a career with upward mobility, while others sharing a similar age will think about getting married.
However, the study also showed that individuals who work in low skill jobs or attend community colleges have a higher elasticity towards socializing with individuals of a wide range of ages. According to the authors of the study, this makes it very likely for these people to marry someone who is a lot older or younger.

Age seems to be important for successful relationships

Marrying someone who is closer to your age, allows you to do things together given the fact that you both share a lot of things in common which are specific to your years. When there is a big age difference, the bond between the two is not really as strong, because there is a great difference between the accumulated life experiences of each member of the couple. This creates various interaction rigidities and can lead in many cases, to not enjoying the relationship as much as they could if they had a partner of a closer age.
Eventually, the study has reached to the conclusion that in our times, people want and tend to marry with someone who is closer to their age. Its way, they will be able to have children when they want to, retire at the same time and of course, grow old together. With that being said, the obvious question that people would ask themselves is whether sugar daddies might actually enjoy a great relationship with a younger woman. Well, the answer is yes, but it all depends on how they really handle their relationship. It’s true that the sugar daddy dating sites are full of young and attractive ladies, yet to really enjoy a serious relationship with one of them, you must also have a knack at gauging which of them will actually make for a good wife. And as we all know, this is something that takes time. You can read reviews of sugar daddy sites here: and choose from one of the top sugar daddy dating sites to find a suitable young woman to meet your requirements.
With that being said, it seems that sugar daddies are just not the old men who are looking for young and good looking women to have sex with them and then leave them. In fact, they are looking for someone who can offer them emotional support and share memorable experiences with. Because these gentlemen are generally leading very busy lifestyles, they don’t have time for dating, so that is why they’ll choose to go on the sugar daddy dating sites to find someone who can make them feel loved and cared for.

How To Spot A Liar On A Hookup Site


“Many women write fake information on their online profiles”

“Many women write fake information on their online profiles”

Everyone tells little white lies all the time. Unfortunately, it’s becoming the norm on hookup sex websites, and that’s really not a good thing. When you’re looking for your next hookup, full disclosure is usually a really good thing that will make the night fun for both of you. Sadly, it’s not always easy to figure out who is giving you that full disclosure and who is lying to your face. Spotting liars online is not easy, especially if you are wandering around scam sites. Scam artists are excellent liars; it is their job to convince you of their lies. You must avoid scam sites. Read the reviews of the sites before visiting them. Read Our Reviews of The Best Hookup Sites: Avoid Dating Scams. Find out the best sex hookup sites and avoid scams. There are a few good ways to figure out who are lying online and it would be best if you learn those ways and know them well!

Lies About Weight

“Fat women never post their full length pictures”

“Fat women never post their full length pictures”

Does your potential hookup only show face shots? There’s a good chance that she’s lying about her weight, and there’s really no reason for that. On hookup sex websites, there’s a good amount of love for women of all sizes, and she might just not realize it. If she’s not very forthcoming about how much she weighs, just be straight with her and tell her that you’re fine with bigger women. Usually, women are pretty self-conscious if they’re overweight, thinking that they can’t get laid that way. It’s really not the case, and you need to make sure she knows that.

If she still won’t tell you, then honestly, it’s probably best to move on. While it’s not entirely your business to know what she weighs, it’s still good to know what you’re getting into for the night of the hookup. Full-body pictures are fun and sexy to exchange beforehand, and if she isn’t forthcoming about something that simple, she might not be forthcoming about other things, either.

Lies About Age

“Most women are reluctant to tell their actual age on online dating sites”

“Most women are reluctant to tell their actual age on online dating sites”

Honestly, age is only an issue if the woman you’re trying to hook up with is underage. If she looks questionable, can’t quite keep her dates straight, and won’t specify what college she goes to and all the details that a student would actually know about it, you might have a jailbait problem. If you can’t verify for sure that the girl you’re hooking up with is over 18, you need to be careful. More than anything, you probably need to stay the heck away!

Women lying about their age and losing a few years is another story entirely. It doesn’t really matter how old she is as long as she’s still hot to you, so if you stumble upon a real hottie that’s in her forties, go for it still! Nothing wrong with a woman that is a bit older; great wisdom comes with age.

Physique and Fitness

A lot of women on these kinds of sites will lie about how in shape they are in order to snatch up a guy. That’s really not necessary and you need to let them know that! It’s not hard for a woman to find a hot guy even if they’re skinny as a rail or a little bit juicy. Men like them in all sizes, and you know that firsthand. When girls call themselves ‘toned’, it might raise up a few flags, especially if they don’t talk about what keeps them toned and fit. There’s really nothing to be ashamed of; honestly, who has time to run laps in this day and age, anyway? We’ve all got jobs and work to do, so there’s no reason to worry about being entirely in shape all of the time.


“Women are known to lie about their height to get more hookups”

“Women are known to lie about their height to get more hookups”

Weirdly enough, women think that they need to lie about their height in order to get laid. Most women want a shorter woman, so it’s kind of bizarre to think that women think you want a six foot tall Amazon to take home and throw in the sack. The thing is that women think that by saying they’re taller, that their weight won’t matter as much–so it’s an endless cycle that just turns into a bunch of different, smaller lies, and turns into selectively using pictures that will trick you into thinking otherwise. It’s not worth that struggle. Do you really care how tall she is, anyway? Hookup sex websites aren’t for that kind of nonsense.

Amount of Money

Men are guilty of this on hookup sites, too, but women in particular can exaggerate their situation. Usually, they will do the opposite of men, however. Women will say that they are a lot worse off than they are in order to attract sympathetic men and make them into their sugar daddies. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, you will want to avoid the women that blatantly talk about how poor they are on their profiles, or women that immediately bring it up as soon as you start chatting with them. At that point, it’s obvious that they aren’t really out to have sex with you; they’re just out for your wallet!

Bust Size

“Seeing her live on a webcam might surprise you”

“Seeing her live on a webcam might surprise you”

…because for some reason, women really think that dudes care. Boobs are great. They’re fun to play with and look at, but honestly, you can’t rest everything on boobs and how nice they look. If a woman has a great face and a great personality, boobs are pretty secondary, and a sexy set of lingerie will look good on a woman of any size. On any hookup sex website, you’ll see women that lie about their bust size and try to use a bunch of different push-up bras to change the look of their boobs in pictures. Honestly, if you see women like this, you should probably look the other way. They aren’t worth your time, because a fake woman isn’t any fun in the sack.

Glamorous Professions

There are a lot of women on online dating websites that talk about how they have an amazing, glamorous profession and how much of a celebrity this makes them. In the same breath, they will often talk about how broke they are as well because of business going downhill. These are the kind of women you want to avoid the most, because they are definitely only out for your money, and don’t really have anything to offer you. Next!

Knowing Celebrities

“Beware of women who are high maintenance”

“Beware of women who are high maintenance”

Women that talk about knowing a ton of celebrities are sort of headache-inducing for the most part, and not part of a good time if you’re trying to hookup with them. It’s not really a turn-on to know a lady that says she knows Tina Turner, so why do women even bother throwing this out here? Either way, women that say that they know celebrities are usually high maintenance and not the kind of lady you want to have a hook-up with. If you are looking for someone fun and exciting, you need to ignore women that add these odd tidbits to their profile, as it’s usually a clue that they are just going to be needy, clingy, and expect far too much from you in the first place.

Overall, there are a ton of different ways you can pick out liars on sex hookup sites, and these are just some of them. If you see any of these particular things going on, it may or may not behoove you to stay away from those women and find yourself a different hookup. If they lie about things like this, they could be lying about a lot of things that are much more important!

Fall Foods That Don’t Pack On the Holiday Pounds

The holidays are one of the worst times of year to pack on the pounds with all of the rich food that’s served. It starts with the American tradition of sugary Halloween treats – a night dedicated solely to the pursuit of candy, and not exactly the ideal dieting scenario. It only goes downhill from there, though, with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

The other element of this dilemma is that these festivities are also often centered on family and friends, so you’re not going to be able to control everything you’re eating, even with careful planning. If Grandma brings her famous pumpkin pie and you don’t have a piece, you’re probably going to get grilled. There’s no reason you have to say no to every indulgence, but thankfully there are foods associated with the fall and winter holidays that are actually considered top fat burners. Also, there are many weight loss products in the market. Read the Reviews of the Best Fat Burners: 25 Most Popular Products Tested and check the ratings of fat burners before choosing one.


“Control your cravings during this holiday season”

Don’t end up falling for a holiday diet scam, and always keep your own safety in mind at all times. The holidays are a time of year that weight loss products that don’t work and make fraudulent claims are at an all-time high. Instead of trying to maintain your diet by eating your turkey with a side of pills, try to replace some of the traditionally fatty foods on the table with these delicious, healthy options, as well as employing some simple tactics about eating habits during the holidays.

The Way to Start: Planning for Sugar


“Keep a check on your sugar cravings”

The key to maintaining your weight or continuing your weight loss efforts during a season of rich, fatty foods is to control your portions of the unhealthy foods in which you choose to indulge. There are certain foods you can replace that are healthy and also seasonally appropriate, but inevitably you’re going to want to try your grandmother’s pumpkin pie. Having a slice of pie is okay, but just like every other fattening food, there are two things you can do. One is to control the portion carefully, and possibly forego toppings that will add a substantial amount of sugar and fat to the dessert, like whipped cream. A good philosophy to choosing which foods to indulge in that aren’t exactly considered top fat burners, and selecting carefully. Not only will you enjoy the food that much more, but planning indulgences in advance is an excellent way to control your caloric intake.

Priorities to determine which foods you’re going to eat that aren’t healthy may include if it’s sentimental – grandma’s pie – or maybe it’s just that you really enjoy chocolate cake. As always, the key to these decisions is moderation. We also can’t recommend enough getting to the gym if you can, possibly between that lapse between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, even though it’s always hectic. Another good approach to dealing with holiday weight gain when time is at a premium is to take walks when you’re visiting family.

Just like in your regular busy life when getting a rigorous workout can be nearly impossible due to time constraints, employ some simple tactics to get your exercise in. For example, suggest an activity such as going outside after the Thanksgiving meal for a walk to look at the foliage, instead of sitting around indoors and watching the football game. If you’re at the airport and you have time, don’t use the escalator, and opt for the stairs. Obviously you frequently don’t have time to spare in situations like travel, but if you do, it’ll make you feel more active and that piece of pumpkin pie will be gone in time for the end of December.

In addition to these approaches to holiday eating, there are also several foods that are packed with nutrients and vitamins that can even aid with weight loss, if not simply being low in fat and sugars. This holiday season when you’re asked to bring a dish to pass during the large group meals, try to focus on some of these autumnal power foods.

Apples (But Go Light on the Accoutrements)


“A super food”

Apples are an amazing fruit. They aren’t only healthy; they can actually help you lose weight. Studies have shown that apples have the ability to aid in weight loss unlike other types of fruit, which don’t have the same effect. Apples also are full of fiber and leave you feeling much fuller than other types of snacks. In addition to the perks of being a good fruit to eat while trying to lose weight, they also have beneficial elements such as helping to control blood sugar, fighting off diabetes, lowering cholesterol, and preventing high blood pressure, maintaining your own personal health and safety. People who eat apples are, in fact, 37 percent less likely to suffer from hypertension. They are low in calories and average out at about 95 calories per fruit, and there are lots of things you can do with them.

Like all holiday foods, however, apples can be healthy or their numerous health properties can be drowned out in a dish of sugar and carbs – e.g. apple pie, candy apples, etc. Instead of opting for apples and letting that apple pie slide through as a “healthy” food, admit that apple pie is not the same as eating an actual apple. Go ahead and put the apple pie into the “indulgence” category, and plan to have a small portion. However, you also don’t have to bring a barrel of apples to Thanksgiving dinner and try to convince everyone that it’s a contribution worthy of a holiday event. Try making spiced apple cider (go light on the sugar and heavy on the spice) or look up recipes that do creative things with raw apples. Try to keep the sugar and dessert-oriented recipes out of the mix and you can possibly even replace the fatty apple pie with a healthier, apple-based dish. You retain the festive association with a fall food – apples – but you benefit from not having another type of dish that’s going to make it difficult to keep up your diet during the holidays.

Butternut Squash


“Take a sip”

Butternut squash is a classic, healthy fall staple, and is one of the best foods for the holidays because of the multitude of things you can do with them, from cooking them with some pepper to preparing butternut squash soup. All of these options are delicious, and butternut squash also packs a powerful, nutritional punch. There are approximately 100 calories in one cup of cubed butternut squash, which definitely beats the amount of calories you’re going to find in a lot of other holiday dishes on the Thanksgiving table.

Butternut squash is chock full of nutrients and vitamins as well, such as antioxidants like vitamin C. It’s a food that’s so low in fat and calories that you can consume a good deal of it guilty free, so when that serving platter comes around the table, you can feel completely at ease taking seconds. As with all healthy foods, though, avoid dousing your butternut squash in butter and oil.


“A Thanksgiving is incomplete without Pumpkin pie”

Pumpkin is again a classic food that usually goes into festive pies, but can be transformed into a healthy alternative to the fatty foods that are a trademark of the holiday season. By going back to raw pumpkin and starting from there – look up recipes that emphasize the healthy properties of pumpkin and deemphasize ingredients like butter or sugar – you’ll find that not only is it healthy, but it can actually help you actively lose weight and is one of the top fat burners. It’s a low calorie, high fiber food, with a half-cup of pumpkin weighing in at a mere 40 calories and boasting 8 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber is an excellent substance for dieters to ingest, since it curbs your appetite and keeps your blood sugar levels stable, which reduces the risk of fat storage in all the wrong places.

LinkedIn: A Surprising Top Info Product Tool


“A great tool to establish your professional profile”

LinkedIn may not be on your radar as one of the top info product tools, but if you want to be considered a credible authority in your niche, you might want to change your mind. LinkedIn caters to a highly targeted audience set. The individuals who access LinkedIn generally do so to find out specific information or to find out about professionals or to find a professional who can assist them with their problems. According to B2B Social Media, LinkedIn is 300% more effective than both Facebook and Twitter in terms of advertising rate of return. With both Facebook and Twitter returning less than 1% of all expended advertising revenue, it’s little wonder that many businesses are starting to pay attention to LinkedIn.
Despite this increased interest, less than an estimated 40% of all businesses have an account on LinkedIn. Of this 40% less than half have completed their profiles, and some most of them will not appear in the top search results. For an entrepreneurial information developer, LinkedIn can represent a gold mine.

Increased Perceived Value and Credibility


“People trust the information on a LinkedIn profile”

The biggest thing that LinkedIn offers to entrepreneurial information product businesses is the increased perception of credibility and value. LinkedIn itself maintains a more professional tone, and it is one of the social media platforms most highly frequented by professionals, experts, celebrities, and targeted consumers. With the addition of the endorsement feature on LinkedIn profiles, potential customers can evaluate your credibility at a glance. Having a high quality profile page on LinkedIn for your information products as well as for yourself can confirm your credentials and increase the perceived value of your brand. According to, businesses that have an active presence on LinkedIn perceived as being more credible than those without.

Make That Impression a Good One


“Make a great impression with a complete profile”

Despite the fact that LinkedIn tends to increase perceived value and enhance your credibility, you can destroy that appearance very quickly if you don’t have a profile set up appropriately. First, make sure that finished. Unfinished profile ranks lower than a finished profile in the LinkedIn search engine algorithms. It also indicates to your potential customers that you aren’t as organized and prepared as they might think you would be. It can also raise doubts about your qualifications.
Second, take the time to customize your LinkedIn profile. Don’t use the stock images and covers available. Create one that represents your business. If possible, find one that includes your business’s logo. The little details make a huge difference in demonstrating your overall professionalism. Include a real-life photo of you if possible. People tend to feel more comfortable purchasing information products from real individuals rather than faceless businesses.
Third, remember basic search engine optimization strategies when filling out all of the information. Use your target keywords for your information products as well as for your personal services if you offer them. This way, LinkedIn search engine algorithms as well as Google, Bing, and other search engines can find you when people are searching. It makes a significant difference in your discoverability, and it can also help increase your ranking in LinkedIn itself.
Fourth, link back to your business website and your other social media profiles. Most of your sales won’t actually be made on LinkedIn itself. Instead, they’ll see the information, and then they’ll go to your actual website to find out about purchasing your products. Make sure that that’s as easy as possible.

Revise Your Current Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategy to Make the Most of LinkedIn


“Stay ahead and updated with market developments”

LinkedIn is not one of the most popular social media platforms out there, but its results can’t be denied. The highly targeted customer stream that comes through LinkedIn makes it a top info product tool. Following the traffic and developing it requires some of the standard marketing techniques. Often times your current social media marketing campaign strategy can be used to direct traffic to both your linked in page as well as your actual business website page. However, that strategy will need to be tweaked a little bit.
Unlike Facebook and Twitter which frequently include regular promotions and sales information, LinkedIn functions on a more informational basis. In fact, it’s that information basis that makes it a top info product tool. Regular status updates improve your visibility on LinkedIn, but the status updates should not be related to promotions or sales going on with your information products. Instead these status updates should include information that offers value to the readers. Remember that other professionals will be reading the status updates as well. The quality of your posts can either make or break your reputation. Linking to high quality blog posts, podcasts, videos and other sites will increase the business value. You can provide less obvious methods of advertisement through announcing what the business is currently working on providing teasers. Instead of including a “buy this” tagline, you can instead just link to the purchase page and let your consumers make their own decision.
One of the biggest differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is the reliance on conversation. To be effective, a LinkedIn social media marketing strategy must include room for lots of conversation. The commentary and feedback on LinkedIn typically become significantly longer as well as more engaging then similar interactions on other social media sites. Make sure that your responses are in-depth and appropriate to the conversation. Don’t just brush them off. The potential customers engaging in these conversations are already starting to invest in your product. It’s not uncommon for these conversations to easily exceed 300 words in a single discussion.

Participate in Industry and Expert Discussions as Well

Not all of your contacts in the social media platforms should involve targeting potential customers. According to both Business Insider and, information marketers and information developers should spend a fair amount of time networking with other professionals within the industry.
A part of your social media campaign time should always be spent seeking out other professionals and networking with them. Sometimes working in information production may seem like a lonely business. You may be a business that has employees or you may be working on your own. But engaging with other professionals and networking with other experts can give you additional ideas. Besides, you never know when you’re going to run into someone who might actually be able to help your business in a way you didn’t anticipate. The old saying that success comes from who you know remains true to a certain extent.
The added benefit of participating in industry expert discussions is that it further enhances your appearance in your customers’ eyes. After all, if you are an expert, you should be spending time with other experts. Isolating yourself may give the wrong impression. As an expert, you must check the ratings of tools for publishing. You can check them here: It is imperative that you only invest in the top info product tools to promote your product.

Remember to Promote Your LinkedIn Page as Well

Once you decide to start using LinkedIn as one of your top social media platforms, make sure that you promote it. It may be a top info product tool, but it still needs to be promoted. Include the link on your other social media sites as well as in your signature and on your official website.

Skype Scams Explained: How Cam Site Girls Use Skype & Paypal To Steal Your Money


When you ask ‘are cam sites for real’ the general answer is yes. They are there, they are real, and most of them are scams. However, the scam can be something you would never expect. Once they get done with your show, you won’t be expecting them to ask for your Skype information so that they can talk to you off of the cam site. The moment you are off that site, you are no longer paying for a naughty show, right? You may want to think on that again. You may end up paying more than you ever bargained for.

Why is Skype so dangerous?

“Using Skype as a live cam site is not a good idea”

“Using Skype as a live cam site is not a good idea”

Skype is a great way to stay connected with friends and family online when you cannot meet face to face. Cam site girls are out to make money. That is their sole role: to make their employer money, get paid, and get more money from their customers. They may think of it as tips, but in reality, they are in it to rob you of your riches, no matter how poor you think you are. To them, it is their vessel to get you interested in their bodies on a regular basis so they can keep fleecing you for months whenever you need release.

Why do they use PayPal to scam you?

PayPal is a great way to receive and send money online, according to the PayPal website. This is true, for good or for ill. PayPal accepts money transfers from the bank in the form of e-checks, PayPal balances, as well as credit and debit cards. In this way, they have everything they need to get your money into their hands whether you have a PayPal account or not. And, if they can’t get it from you through PayPal, there are other ways, including Money Gram and Western Union. Are cam sites for real? These girls are proof that they are, and these are crafty, clever, and they are experts when it comes to free money coming their way. The best thing for them is they know just what to do so that you lose every single PayPal dispute you ever file against them, every time.

Beware the dreaded blackmail- it can happen to you

“Anyone can fall prey to a webcam scam”

“Anyone can fall prey to a webcam scam”

They have nothing to blackmail you with, right? Oh, you went on webcam with them on that adult website? That’s too bad. If they have seen you on webcam doing naughty things, you can bet they recorded every second of it with a simple mouse click. Things they record can get posted anywhere, from xTube to Youtube and more.
Oh, but you did not go on cam with them? You ask, are cam sites for real? You are safe, right? You are more than likely, not. You see, these girls are highly trained, whether they taught themselves, or their bosses taught them the ways to earn extra cash from their unsuspecting viewers. This is where PayPal and Skype come in to play.

It might start out with a sob story

She may have a sick brother, mother, or dying twin. No matter what her sob story is, she will try to get your Skype information out of you so that the two of you can chat now that you are calm and riding an endorphin high. This is ‘off the clock’ so you will not have to pay, or so she says. This is a common tactic to gain your trust. Once she has your trust, you are hers. You will tell her anything she wants to know if she times her questions right, and you feel completely comfortable with her. Not only is she most likely recording the conversation through a program on her computer, but she may also be taking notes.

Or, it might start out flirtatious

“She may start flirting to get you started”

“She may start flirting to get you started”

Now that you are sure of the answer to the question: are cam sites for real, you can rest assured that cam site scams are, too. You are both sweaty and giggling from a nice online romp, and she wants to see more of you. She may say that she enjoyed her time with you so much that she wants to give you more sessions for free, but you have to do it through Skype, or she will have to charge you due to her boss’ strict policy. Oh, and she tells you in a hushed voice that she’s breaking all the rules in giving you this deal, just because you are her favorite client in months.

She will chat you up to get as much information as she can

Do not trust this. Between the sob story and the open flirting- of which she may do both-, she is only doing these so that she can get your trust, and flirt your vital information out of her. Also, remember that you do not have to give her all of your information. All she has to do is look at your Skype profile if you have it filled out, and from there she can get your city, state and birthday. Just from those alone, she has a good chance of finding you on Facebook, or other social media sites to compare pictures. That is detrimental for you in more ways than one.

Then, she will get you to do dirty things

She will definitely keep her promises. If she says she will give you free shows, she will give you as many as you like, provided you give her shows as well. This may go on for weeks or months depending on how much money she wants, or how quickly she wants it. She does this for a living so doing it for you privately is just another paid gig. But, are cam sites for real? Still, that question comes up, over and over again. You cannot get away from it. Now, you are not on a cam site, you are on Skype. But, that assumption is wrong, as she has effectively turned your Skype conversation into a free to use, private live cam site for her to give you pleasure.

Is she recording you? You will never know until she uses it against you

“You may never know, she might be recording you”

“You may never know, she might be recording you”

Then it hits you. Is she recording you doing all of these raunchy things? You had better believe it. She has been doing this for a long time. Even if she has not, she has learned from professionals the arts of parting you from your wallet. This is where PayPal comes in. She will show you clips that she has recorded of you pleasuring yourself or whatever else she has coaxed you into doing. Then, she will tell you that it will be posted on every social media site you frequently visit with your name tagged to the video. She will send it to your friends and family, and she knows how to make it go viral. She will not do this, though, if you pay her the amount she asks. But she will have those videos forever, so this blackmail will stick with you for the long term, and you will keep paying to keep those videos off the internet.

Do not let this happen to you

If you are still wondering “are cam sites for real?” then you must read the review of here as a lesson with which you can do comparison to other sites and understand the difference between legit and scam sites. The girls on these sites are sharp and cunning. They know what they are doing, and with the sway of their hips and a few items of clothing removed, they will most likely have you in their thrall for the long term. If you want to avoid the largest scam on the internet, remember the main rule of thumb: Do not give her your Skype information. If she asks, demand that you remain on the site. It is better to pay a fee, than to be scammed for months or years. If she asks you to get on cam with her and give her a return show, ask yourself if you want that video spread across the internet for all your friends and family to see, and then secure your wallet by saying no. You have the tools to stay safe, and now, you have the knowledge.

Researching Your Target Audience for the Best eLearning Platforms

“Research your target audience”

“Research your target audience”

Understanding your target audience isn’t an option when you’re developing course on the best eLearning platforms; it’s a necessity. As you check out the reviews of the best eLearning platforms, you’ll find a number of excellent options for presenting your course. You probably have lots of ideas for how you can present the information. But all of that hard work and all of those excellent tools will be worth very little if you don’t craft a course that will appeal to your target audience.
If you aren’t a part of your target audience, it can be difficult to envision what they want. The only way to discover it is through serious research. Using programs like EverNote can help you coordinate your research results over numerous systems. Make sure to keep track of what you find. Keep the reference information as well since you don’t want to be wondering where you found that excellent nugget of information on down the road.

Research the Top 20 Websites

Researching the top 20 websites in your niche can provide you with tremendous and valuable information. But don’t stop there. Review the top 20 courses on the best eLearning platforms in your target niche as well. Choose the platforms you want to compete on or the ones that you feel best satisfy your potential needs.
When you’re looking over these top 20, take the time to ask yourself what works about these sites. Look to see what the students, readers, and customers seem to be drawn to. Even in your smallest web niches, thousands of pages can turn up. When it comes to reviews of the best eLearning platforms and available courses, you may have less than 20 options come up. The important thing is to look at what these courses offer and what these websites offer that the target audience responds to. You can sometimes figure out what your target audience wants by what these sites are providing, but you’ll do even better if you find out what your target audience wants but cannot find a provider for. This is known as finding the gap in the market.
When developing your own plan, be as specific and articulate as possible. Don’t just note that students want to learn more about organic search engine optimization techniques. Note which areas students seem to want that information for and other important information about those individuals. The more information you can put into your analysis, the more informed you will be.

Interview Your Ideal Student

“Take the feedback from your ideal student”

“Take the feedback from your ideal student”

If you already have an ideal student in mind, then take the time to interview him/her. Sometimes this ideal student might be someone who has already purchased some of your information products. Or the ideal student might be someone who has certain traits that you think you could create appealing courses for. Regardless of your reasons, find a way to get to know this student. The more you know about his preferences, the better you can understand the market. They won’t necessarily hold true for everyone, but honing in on a single individual can sometimes reveal far more ideas and angles for developing an effective course than looking at the bigger audience.
If you have already established a personal relationship with this ideal student, then send a polite message asking for an opportunity to talk. You can explain why, but if you already have a good relationship, he probably won’t object. If you don’t have a personal relationship with the ideal student, then you’ll need to provide more information about what you’re doing and what you want to know. Contact through Facebook or email is often less intimidating and it’s also more likely to be successful. A number of people will not answer their phones if they do not recognize the number.
When interviewing this student, leave as many of the questions open ended as you can. It’s too easy to guide someone into giving you the answers you want to hear rather than the ones you need to hear. Give him/her plenty of opportunities to share his opinions and explain to you what needs to be done. Find out about what he wants to learn about as well as how he would prefer to learn about it. Always remember to thank the person for his time. Consider sending him/her a thank you gift such as one of your information products or something that would be beneficial. In general, it’s best to avoid giving coupons since that is basically asking him/her to make a purchase from you to get the benefit of your gratitude.

Develop Some Free Promotional Resources to Measure the Response

“It’s important to measure the audience response”

“It’s important to measure the audience response”

Sometimes researching your target audience requires performing some experiments. You can provide some free promotional resources to measure the interest and responses. Consider doing this when you’re considering different eLearning forms. You might also consider offering a free report that potential students can get by answering a question on Facebook or Twitter.
When it comes to deciding on the best eLearning platforms, you can ask your followers for their reviews. A number of them may have already taken part in some courses, and they might be able to give you insight into the best platform from a student perspective.

Conducting Effective Surveys

Surveys can be a total waste of your time or a valuable information gathering tool. One of the keys to conducting an effective survey is to make sure that you ask the right question. The first mistake that many businesses make is to ask too many questions. Determine the most important questions that you need to know and then provide a few options for each one. Always leave a blank for the students to give you their own separate responses. This way you aren’t forcing them to give you an answer that doesn’t quite fit. Ideally, your survey should be less than 15 questions. In fact, the shorter your survey is, the more likely people will complete it. Surveys that have multiple parts with subparts and a never-ending slew of options do not have the same finish rate as shorter ones.
Remember that you can always conduct additional surveys. Through paid services as well as free options, you can craft surveys that will hone in on your target audience. Paid services can also help you get those surveys to members of your target audience while free services generally require you finding those individuals. Remember that if you have problems getting the survey participation high enough that you can always offer some sort of benefit. Consider offering a free report to individuals who complete the survey and provide valuable responses.

Consider Things from Your Students’ Perspectives

“Start considering things from your students’ perspective”

“Start considering things from your students’ perspective”

When in doubt, try to imagine things from your target audience’s perspective. After researching the top sites in their niches and reviewing the best eLearning platforms and course styles, you have plenty of information. You should also consider the online learning tools that help schools. Find out The Top eLearning Platforms & Authoring Software For Academia and read the reviews of the best eLearning platforms to make your choice. An additional step that you can take is to imagine things from your student’s perspective. Ask yourself what you would want to know if you were in his place and what would make the course more valuable to you.
It’s always possible that you could make the wrong assumptions, but states that often times such an exercise after thorough research into a particular market will result in beneficial insight.

Fun Sports To Play With Your Woman


“Choose any of the fun sport activity to play with your woman”

Not every lady just wants to sit around and get her nails done. That’s a dumb stereotype, and thinking that way will be why you will keep sitting around and wondering how to have a fling in the first place. Women like being as active as men, and there are a ton of different healthy, sporty things you and your lady can do without forcing her to turn into a beer-guzzling idiot at a football game. Remember, if you want to keep having a fling with her, you’ve got to do things that she likes. So, shape up and think about what she enjoys. Learn the tactics on having a fling by visiting How to have a fling is explained on the above mentioned site.

Tennis, The Sport For Everyone…And Others Like It


“Everyone likes tennis”

Here’s the deal. When you’re thinking about how to have a fling, the way to woo your woman and get her in your bed in the first place might fly over your head. You’ve got to have similar interests! Chances are, your lady probably likes a bunch of the things you do, too, and there has to at least be one sport that you both can get into.

If the answer is still ‘no’, then you should both give tennis a shot. Tennis has a steep learning curve, but anyone can play it, and that’s the lure of the game. It doesn’t cost much to go out and buy a couple of rackets from the store, and you can start playing with the slower kids-geared balls as well. No one’s going to know that they’re for kids except you, anyway!

Another, similar sport to consider is badminton. It’s as fast-paced as tennis, but definitely works better indoors and the rackets are usually even cheaper! There’s also a smaller court to deal with, and that works well for a lot of ladies that don’t want to run around all over the place (which is sort of the thing with tennis). Both of these sports are proven to improve hand-eye coordination, and increase endurance. You can’t beat those benefits on top of bonding time, and you won’t be asking yourself how to have this fling work out for you!

Horseback Riding


“A romantic horseback ride can do wonders”

Horses might not be for everyone, but you can’t turn down the appeal of moonlit rides on the beach or through mountain trails in the summer. Not only is it romantic, it doesn’t have to be such a sport-related thing that your woman feels threatened and feels the need to compete. This can be a really leisurely activity that the two of you enjoy on a romantic level.

Depending on the area that you live in, you can really reap the benefits of small, independent stables that do yearly trail rides. If they don’t have websites, you can always give them a call and see what their prices are and what they offer. While usually most farms offer group trail rides, they sometimes offer small trail rides for couples or more advanced riders. Depending on your skill level, the two of you can really enjoy a trail ride meant for two on the beach, or even just in a small group of other couples also enjoying their time together.

A Day At The Beach With Volleyball

“Beach volleyball sounds hot and fun”

This is a sport that includes a bunch of other people, or just two of you! Even if you don’t have a net set up at the beach, there’s no denying the appeal of just being able to smack a ball back and forth over a line in the sand. Come on, take out all that frustration from the workplace (or wondering how to have a fling actually work out and be good for both of you–you’re getting there, no worries) and let her do it as well. If she’s competitive, fair warning–you might not have time to check out how nice she looks in her bathing suit that day. She might end up kicking your butt!

Volleyball is an awesome sport because it really works on burning excess fat more than anything, so keep that in mind when you’re playing with your woman. The two of you are just going to look better by the time you’re done!

Biking Together


“Go biking together”

Okay, this is an easy one. Who doesn’t own a bicycle? If your answer is ‘I don’t’, then go and buy one for you and your woman right now if you know what’s good for you. Cycling is really one of the best activities to do one another, because you can literally pick anywhere (within reason) to go riding! The two of you can do a lot of bonding when you’re biking along different trails, and the real plus side is the two of you are getting into great shape while you’re at it. You burn about 300 calories an hour doing this, so there’s no reason not to see if she’ll like this particular activity!



“Boating is fun too”

A lot of people wouldn’t call this a sport, but its best if we just ignore them. Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of going out on the open sea, or even just in the waterways, on a relaxing summer day? Your girl can either enjoy fishing with you, or heck, if she doesn’t want to do that, she can savor the sun’s rays on the deck of your boat and get herself a great looking tan. You won’t be wondering how to have a fling after this one, because you’ve completely nailed it.

Boating really comes with the idea of financial success. Your woman will love that, and she’ll also just love the salt air and the chance to have a relaxing day with you. Low stress and easy, you can’t beat that!

A Dip In The Pool

Who doesn’t love jumping in the pool in the middle of the summer? It doesn’t even have to be a pool; if the two of you really like the beach, then get yourselves soaking wet over there instead. As long as you two are out there swimming together in some way, shape, or form, you can’t beat this for a sport that lets the two of you be competitive as well as have fun. Challenge one another to see who can swim more laps, or heck, get into a chicken fight with another couple that’s at the pool that day. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be the winner!

Swimming is one of the best sports for improving all-body fitness, and if the two of you have any leg issues that minimize how much impact activity you can allow, this might be a great choice to allow for activity without causing further injury.

Overall, there are a dozen more sports that might be fun, healthy, and great for bonding for you and your lady. You just have to see what she likes and what appeals to the both of you to do together. Depending on how active of a couple the two of you are, you might prefer to do something more adventurous than sit on a boat all day, but what the heck, that might appeal to all of us some day when we’re run down and tired from the daily grind of work. The only thing you should do in the end is have fun!

Why Women Like Erotica (More than Porn)

Sometimes, you want things to get steamy in bed without having to go through a whole lot of work and effort. For a guy, watching porn with your lady might be the ultimate fantasy; just turn on the TV or laptop, sit back, and get a feast for your eyes as well as physical touch. It seems like a win-win situation, and yet how often has that suggestion been shot down by the lady friend in question? Too often. It’s not because she doesn’t like sex. It’s not even because she doesn’t like thinking about or imagining sex. It’s because she needs something that appeals to her in a different way, and no amount of tips in personals websites reviews are going to tell you the secret of erotica.

We Like Visuals


“Men need visual media to stimulate them sexually”

Men are pretty much straight up visual creatures. See something you like, get a boner. It’s not a complicated formula in the slightest. Men respond well to porn because it caters to what they want; visual shots of body parts and sex acts, an accompanying sound track of moans and groans, and that’s basically it. Women, on the other hand, aren’t as hard-wired into visual stimulation. They can enjoy it, and they can see why men would like it (most of the time, anyway), but it just doesn’t do it for them the way it does for guys. Women are less visually stimulated, and more emotionally and intellectually stimulated. Basically, they get way more out of imagining a romance-book hero licking their clit than they do out of actually seeing some guy in a porno licking some actress’s clit. So if your lady doesn’t want to watch porn with you, consider that she might not be a prude or too constrained; watching you get off on watching two (or more) strangers get off while she sits there feeling nothing is boring and awkward for her.

Erotica Is Awesome


“Women enjoy erotica more than porn”

Erotica is the answer. It’s porn, written down. Often there are added thrills lodged in, something sort of sexy emotional storyline, but there isn’t always. Check out all the free eBooks available on Amazon for your Kindle; for every romance, supernatural teen angst book, and the personals websites reviews, you’ll find a book or two with names like ‘Milking Misty’ and ‘Gangbang and a Half’. You don’t need a Kindle to read these free books (just download the app to your computer or phone), so I’d suggest taking some time to read through them while you’re alone. You might find them steamier than you’d imagine.

Erotica works for women because it fires the imagination. They can lose themselves in the idea of hands and lips wandering all over their body, and identify with the character in the book who’s just losing her mind over the consecutive orgasms. This also helps because it typically takes much longer for a woman to get warmed up; nine or ten minutes, compared to a man’s two hundred seconds. Reading a nice, long sex scene could take up the time a woman needs to go from interested to ready, so that when the heroine of the book climaxes, so does she.

Bend the Rules


“Don’t just think about yourself – try to enjoy reading erotica with her”

Really, the difference between men and women enjoying porn versus erotica is biologically based, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bend the rules! Some great foreplay might be reading your lady a section of her favorite erotica book in bed, and acting out every scene or line. Practice your sexy narrator voice, and you’ll have her eating out of your hand. Even if you don’t like it as much as you like watching porn with her, just let it be known that favors are given and received, and she’ll get the message. Treat reading her a chapter of an erotic novel (or even one of those short, pure-sex short stories) the way that she’d treat doing a strip tease for you; fun foreplay that’s for your partner. Remember, there are hundreds and hundreds of these books out there, available online, literally for free. You could conceivably never run out of erotica to read. Trust us, reading erotica can make a huge difference for you and your partner. However, if you are trusting online dating sites regarding this, you may want to reconsider it. There are certain sites that will ask you to ‘subscribe’ and ‘be a member’, these are scam sites. Don’t go for a dating site. Also, you must avoid dating scams. Learn more about the legit dating sites here: Read personals websites reviews to make sure that the site is legit.

Write One Together


“Write an erotic novel based on both of your naughty experiences together”

Even though you don’t run the risk of running out of erotica, you can always put your composition skills to use. In fact, it could be one of the sexiest, steamiest, most daring things that you will ever do sexually. Once you’ve read through a few novels together and you’ve come to realize what you both really enjoy in erotic fiction, you can enjoy writing it together. Pick your three favorite kinks and combine them, and take a lot of planning. Tell her that you have to research all these scenes properly, and actually do everything you two decide to write in your novel. This could also be a great way to get her to open up and try new things; if both of you really enjoy reading about public sex, for example, but she’s always been too straight-laced to try it, put it in your novel. In the name of enacting every scene you too share, you could get her to finally relax and give you that blowjob in the alley way, or sex in a car in broad daylight. If both of you get off on the idea of being even more public, when you’re done writing and climaxing your way through your very own piece of erotica, you can self-publish it online. Slap false names on it, put it up on Amazon, and grin to yourselves as hundreds of strangers read all about your erotic exploits under the name of “fiction”. Soon, you could be on the trending lists right next to soppy romance books, personals websites reviews, and other erotica that dominate the Amazon free market. When you’ve really enjoyed your popularity, think about writing a sequel.

In this modern age, it’s becoming more and more acceptable for women to seek their own sexual gratification. You can see it in the thriving of internet dating marketplaces, in the increasing frequency of hook ups, and the prevalence of female reviewers in personals websites reviews. She’s looking for satisfaction, and if you give it to her, or even suggest new ways of finding it, you’ll blow her mind. Even if your girl isn’t a romance reader, you should introduce her to erotica anyway. If you’re the one who opens her eyes to the possibilities, she’ll be doubly grateful when it‘s time to return the favor and help you out while you indulge your preferred method of stimulation: pur you over the top in your girl’s eyes. Erotica is a creative outlet for sexual energy, stokes the imagination, and brings up lots of opportunities for play and kink exploration just in the written word. It’s something active that the two of you can do together, and it harnesses the biology of women. Give her something emotional and slow building, that uses her imagination, and you’ll engage her way more than by popping in the same style porn every other night. That’s the reason that women prefer erotica, and that’s why you can earn points while indulging if you just follow those style guidelines.

The Clear Cut Differences Between Tablets and Laptops

Laptops and tablets usually confuse a lot of people. This is due to the fact that a lot of us are not tech savvy enough to understand the differences between the two.

These differences are hard to spot because the functions, size and appearance of the two items appear similar in one way or the other. In other words, their differences are obvious in physical design but not in functionality.

We must at first understand the respective specifications of the two before we can fully comprehend the difference in their functionalities. This article is therefore written for those who are not very tech savvy. It presents a clear distinction between the two technological marvels.

The differences in laptops and tablets as expressed by their respective specifications are as follows;

1. The Random Access Memory Chip

The Random Access Memory (RAM) chip found in tablets is not as powerful as the one found in laptops. The storage capacity and frequency levels found in tablet RAM chips are substantially lower than those found in laptop RAM chips.

2. The Read Only Memory Chip

The Read Only Memory (ROM) chip found in tablets is of a low capacity. It can be either 256MB, 512MB or perhaps even greater. However, the ROM chips found in laptops usually starts at 2GB upwards.

This in effect means that tablets have little room for adding future applications other than those already present during its manufacture. This capacity pales in comparison to laptops whose capacity usually exceeds that of tablets by two or three times at minimum.

3. The batteries for the respective devices

The tablet offers a more convenient and portable way to charge its battery. The laptop on the other hand offers a cord. The laptop must also be near an electric socket for it to charge.

The tablet only requires a USB charge cord and a charged laptop close by. Its battery also lasts for a longer without recharging than the typical battery for a laptop.

Programmable read-only memory

Programmable read-only memory

4. Expanding your capacity

Tablets cannot support capacity expansion as well as laptops. The former have a maximum expansion capacity of 32GB on average. This expansion in tablets is only possible thorough the TF/MicroSD card or the Standard SD card.

Laptops do not seem to have a limit on their expansion capacity. This is because you can easily expand a laptop’s capacity by installing a high capacity hard disk into it.

5. The Input Device

The primary input device by which the highest volume of data is fed into the tablet is through its touch screen. In laptops, the primary input devices by which information is fed into the computer are through its mouse and keyboard.

DVD drives also serve as input devices in laptops. These drives are absent in tablets.

The input devices are divided

The input devices are divided

6. Operating Systems

Most tablets use the android operating systems while laptops use computer operating systems such as Windows or Ubuntu.

These systems are markedly different from each other in appearance, formatting and capabilities.

In conclusion, it can be said that tablets are important for both leisure and entertainment while laptops are critical in a busy and more professional environment. Tablets are good for games, music, videos, reading e-books and browsing the internet.

However, laptops are essential for the employee or business manager who occasionally needs to continue his work at a different location. This is because laptops offer a greater capacity for handling and using data that is fed into them.

10 Ways To Make Your Ex Sex Buddy Regret Breaking Up With You!

“Make your ex miss you”

“Make your ex miss you”

There’s nothing more fulfilling than getting back with your ex. Not only does it feel good to get back at them, it also helps you feel better and move forward. For whatever reason you have, it is imperative to improve oneself after a break-up; and to make your ex-sex buddy to rethink their decisions is very priceless. If making them regret is what your break-up is what you want, then you should definitely do it. Here are 10 ways to make your ex sex buddy regret breaking up with you!

Make Them Miss You

One sure-fire way to make your ex regret their decision is to make them miss you. To do this, you must follow certain self-imposed rules that are very hard to do, but the pay-off is very rewarding. First of all, you must distance yourself emotionally and physically from your ex. You must refrain from doing all forms of communication to them like texting, calling or emailing. If possible, cut off all contact with them and do not look for reasons to bump into your ex—intentionally or not. Couple this strategy with all the others and this will prove to be effective.

Finish Your Studies with Excellence

“Prove a point by finishing your studies on a high note”

“Prove a point by finishing your studies on a high note”

If you’re still studying and it’s hard for you to move on with your recent break-up, then finishing and focusing on your studies is a very effective plan. At first this may seem troublesome, but later on you’ll find that this is a very effective way to keep yourself busy with things. You’ll find out that you’ll devote all your attention to finishing your studies and getting a college degree; even getting awards in the process! Not only do you get to reap the benefits, you also get to prove to your ex that you can rise above a break-up!

Improve Your Health and Physique

“Get back in shape and have a stunning physique”

“Get back in shape and have a stunning physique”

There’s nothing more rewarding than making yourself feel and look good, inside and out! And one very effective way to do this is to hit the gym and start being healthy. If you happen to have no background in lifting weights, then this is the most perfect time to do so. However, if you already have a rock-solid figure already, then it’ll pay to improve your health by eating the right kinds of foods and maintaining your body figure. Once your ex sees an improvement on your figure, he or she will surely fall head over heels again for you.

Create the Parties of Your Own

There’s a common misconception that partying more often can make your ex sex buddy regret breaking up with you. All though this may work for some, this is not universally true. Partying more often would only make you look devastated, desperate and unhappy. Instead of hounding the clubs on your own looking for parties, throw parties of your own. Create buzz and gather your friends as you party on certain events in your city or neighborhood. Host parties with your officemates or classmates and make yourself the life of the party. In no time your ex sex buddy will take notice and would even invite themselves at your own party!

Open Yourself Up on Dating Again

“Start dating again”

“Start dating again”

Once your past relationship has cooled down a bit, allow yourself to meet other people and be open for dates. Just because you’re dating doesn’t mean you are desperate to jump into a relationship: it just means that you accept what has happened and you are open to new possibilities. However, it would be best to start dating about six months after our latest relationship to show that you are not dating for the sake of forcing yourself to get over the past one. You can explore with the best sex dating sites that exist on the web today. Once your ex starts to take notice of this, they will feel useless, embarrassed, and they would want to ask to date you in the long run.

Don’t Be Afraid to Engage on Casual Sex

There are basic needs of a human being that just can’t be ignored, and sex is one of them. All you have to do is go online and read some reviews of sites. Find out The Best Sex Dating Sites: Reviews of The Top Sites & Scams. Once, you have found the best sex dating site; you can start looking for a partner to have casual sex. If you hesitate on having casual sex in fear of judgment from your past relationship, don’t—it is simply a matter of fulfilling a human basic need. While doing this, make sure that you get better in doing the act, and engaging in casual sex and one night stands can do the job. You can always check on the best sex dating sites available. Of course, word will spread to your ex sex-buddy of your dastardly deed, and chances are that person will miss you dearly and would want you back.

Achieve Your Life Goals and Get Results

Another good way for your ex sex buddy to regret breaking up with you is to fulfill your life goals without them in the picture. This is also a good opportunity for you to concentrate more on what’s important than worrying about what you’re ex sex buddy thinks about your relationship. Pick up a hobby, finish school, or fulfill your dream; the sky’s the limit. Achieving your goals is a nice way to remind your ex sex buddy that your life doesn’t revolve around them or your relationship, and this will devastate them dearly and would almost always regret what they’ve done with you.

Improve Your Image and Look on Social Networking Sites

Since you won’t be making any contact with your ex personally, improve your image on social networking sites. Change all your bad habits online like commenting on almost every post your ex can see just to catch their attention. If you happen to have blocked them or have been blocked, then don’t worry; chances are they’ll still see you on your common friends’ pictures. You can also improve your image on the best sex dating sites whenever you join in one. Make sure that you look presentable and good looking on every picture you have, and reestablish rapport on all of your friends on social networking sites. This would terribly annoy your ex sex buddy a lot.

Hangout with Your Friends More Often

“Live your life to the fullest and enjoy with your friends”

“Live your life to the fullest and enjoy with your friends”

Hanging-out with your friends more often is also an effective way of telling your ex sex buddy that there’s more to life than just sex and relationships. Hang-out with your friends on parties and on bars; on places where you and your ex sex buddy always hang out. This will definitely make them jealous not because you’re hanging out with a new sex buddy but being happy about your breakup.

Have a Glowing Rock Star Persona

This won’t mean that you have to be a rock star just to make your ex sex buddy regret breaking up with you. This simply means that you have to integrate everything here and create a new you that would make you a better person inside and out. Make your ex sex buddy realize that there’s more to you than you were during your relationship. Build more relationships and network yourself as someone who can handle any problem or publicity. Nothing is more attractive than a successful person regarding life and relationships.
Always remember that you are worth more than what you think you are, and no one can make you feel sorry for yourself. Remember that it’s your ex sex buddy’s fault that they’ve broken up with you, and this will almost always make you feel better.

The Proper Break-Up Code 101

Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things a person would ever do in his lifetime (unless of course you are naturally ruthless and insensitive) and although you may have truly fallen out of love with the person, the care or the sympathy to the one being left behind still matters because the thought of giving pain to someone is just awfully guilt-inducing. This is why there has always been an underlying courtesy rule to anyone who plans to break someone else’s heart is to do it as gently as you could, with respect and most of all: with heart.

Sure you may have had some nasty fights, endless arguments and most probably than not, a mutual throw of sickening attitudes to one another or some bilateral understanding that both of you just won’t work out anymore, the thing is that you two are going separate ways and although there’s nothing you could about it anymore, you can make the process a little easier by cutting off the drama. Be honest, be polite and always put yourself in the other person’s shoes so you can avoid unnecessary hurtful hits that could prolong both hearts from healing.

Remember that you once shared some good times so gratitude should be expressed too. While you break it off with the person, do not forget to thank her for all those good times that you’ve had, memories shared and most of all the things you’ve learned from the other person. Tell her that although it might not have worked out for you guys, you were thankful it happened anyway. After all, you once loved this person and whether you like it or not, there must be something in her (no matter how much you despise her at this point) that you love about. Thank her for it and then leave gently.



Do not badmouth. No matter how much your ex was a b*tch all throughout your relationship, never disrespect her in any way in front of anyone. This action will also be reflected on you. Do not worry though, no bad deed goes unpunished. So if your ex played a total meanie on you, word will eventually go around about her, probably from her current beau or her past lovers, but never let the horror story come out from you, always be the bigger person. If someone asks, politely say that you’re just glad that it was over then walk away with grace. Nothing could be a greater loss than a respectful person like you. It’s even a plus point to potential girlfriends out there, mind you!

Never break up with a man who

Never break up with a man who

Though heartbreaks are crappy as hell, one good thing about it is that we all learn from it as we move on in life. Use these lessons to be a better person for the next person in your life, who knows he or she could be the lucky person who you can share the rest of your life with.

Motivation – The Best Way Towards Having Happy Healthy Children

Children - our pride and joy. They are the ones that carry on our legacy once we pass away, and the ones that make us smile most when we see them succeed in their goals. But what if your child doesn’t want to do anything? Or is focusing on something (like its computer) too much to spend time doing something else (some sports activity for example)? How does one get a child to take initiative and create something themselves? The answer is motivation.

So, How Do You Motivate A Child?

The truth is that humans, especially in our early stages, are beings who desire nothing more than satisfaction – to feel as good as we can for as long as we can. Some say that positive enforcement is the key, some say that negative enforcement is, but most sooner or later find that a balanced combination of both is the way to go. I am not talking about beating them or locking them up when they do not do as told, not even remotely. Passive methods tend to work best when it comes to negative reinforcement – show them you are disappointed, take away their computer or game console privileges… those and similar punishments with good reason usually do quite fine.

How do you motivate kids

How do you motivate kids

As for positive reinforcement, you have many choices. Usually promising a child a reward for something it does works temporarily, but if the child decides that it’s too much work, your reward loses its meaning. Instead, let your children know that nothing they have is granted, no matter how much you love them and how much they beg. A fast internet connection? Games? Trading cards? Toys? None of those is essential for their survival, and they should know that. Let them know that so long as they live a healthy life like you suggest the can have all that and more if they surpass your ambitions, but also that all of it can go away if they don’t deserve it. Keep in mind they’re only children though, while you can expect a lot within reason, do not get carried away, or you may end up destroying their childhood. And never, EVER give them privileges when you feel guilty. Make things right the proper way, and teach your children to respect that. Only reward extraordinary feats, like taking an extra voluntary assignment or offering to clean your car on their own. Cleaning their own room and doing their homework doesn’t count, neither do good grades – those should be expected. You may reward a good school year or semester though, and always let your children know you are proud of them, even if you don’t reward it with material goodness.

But My Child Is Exemplary, I Just Can’t Get It Away From The Computer To Move A Bit

You, as the parent, have the obligation to explain and enforce good behavior. Reason with your child; explain that while the computer is a priceless tool, their health needs them to move at least a little bit. Insist on finding an after school activity that will keep your child active for at least a little bit, and bargain computer time in exchange. The rest is up to your ingenuity and knowledge about your child.

way to motivate kids over

way to motivate kids over

Not much left to say here. Take your time with your children, do not let them do what they want and keep control in your household, as you are the one that pays the bills and for luxuries. Remember to respect your children for what they do and only force them to do the absolute necessity if they do not wish to do it. A firm but gentle hand holds the key. Best of luck!

Rules To Remember In Investing In Technology Stocks

Tech stocks can be defined as the stocks for those companies which are involved in the business of manufacturing the electronic devices and components. Their products range from the computer chips to mobile phones. During collapse of dot-com trend in 2000, the tech stocks began to develop poor reputation, and as such, many investors shied away as a result of massive loses they incurred. As the technology industry is volatile from the past experience, investment in their stocks requires a prior knowledge and caution before making a final decision to invest in them. However, it can be observed that tech stocks appears to bridge the efficient future, it is still the most attractive investment ventures to many people. The following are the basic rules that should be observed before making an investment attempt in tech stocks.

Acquire technology mutual fund

The most recommended by financial experts in investing on tech stocks is to buy a mutual fund. By buying a mutual fund enables you to delegate a responsibility to fund managers who are conversant and well versed with tech stocks. The fund managers have proper screens that enable them to sort out the tech stocks by performance, manager’s experience, composition, and investment styles. Coupled with other experiences, the mutual fund manager is going to make an investment decision for you based on the observed trends and features of a given tech stocks. Though these managers charge their customers fees, the long run benefits are more beneficial other than making the investment decision solely and end up making huge loses. Globally, Wells Fargo Advantage and Goldman Sachs Tollkeeper are best examples of technology mutual funds.

Instruct your mutual fund

Instruct your mutual fund

Buy exchange traded fund, (ETF)

Exchange traded fund is another approach in investing in the tech stocks. The rationale of exchange traded fund is the reflection of the tech sector and its sub sectors. This approach generates analyses that reduce the rewards and risks of each technological company thus giving a clear picture for the investor to make a final decision. The investor will also be in a position to gain exposure of how the risks and rewards for the potential tech companies can be reflected in their earnings and dividends. The exchange trade stocks are just like stocks, option chains, and dividends. The most common tech exchange trade funds in the world are the Goldman Sachs Semiconductor and iShares Dow Jones of US. These ideas have proofed to generate a lot of positive impacts to the investors who like the tech stocks.

Exchange Traded Funds ETFs are

Exchange Traded Funds ETFs are

Choose individual stocks of individual companies

It is worth noting that risky and complex and the best rewarding way is researching and investing in individual companies. Regardless of blue chip companies like IBM or Intel, the acquisition of their shares requires a lot of attention and concerted effort by the investor because no one will actually agree to share the loss if it occur after investments decisions has been made. If a careful and correct investment is done, the investor will stand a chance of benefiting a lot in terms of huge profit margins and the increased price per share. These are practical observations which the financial experts often emphasize on the importance of proper research or else make loss as a result of making poor decisions.

Is Advertising On Facebook A Good Business Move?

The internet has become one of the most solid platforms of advertising. Gone are the days when the only forms of media that dominate product placement and commercials are the TV, the radio, the newspaper, and the larger-than-life billboard. And as such, the internet has something to offer that none of them have: It’s cheaper. Waaaaay cheaper compared to what you’re going to have to pay for a spot on the newspaper, or a thirty second stint on the boob tube, which can range from a couple thousand dollars to more than a hundred thousand, depending on what type of paper it is, during which programs it’s going to be shown, or what time of the day it will be aired. Now thanks to the internet, there are a lot more ways to reach potential customers. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies do it through social networking sites, and one of the most popular places to do it is through Facebook.

But would it really be a good idea to advertise through Facebook?

The answer to that question, ladies and gentlemen, is a big YES. Facebook has continuously made improvements to their site, and millions of people out there don’t just use it to keep in touch with their family and friends, they do it to shop around for great bargains and discover new stuff. This is the reason why small businesses see to it that they have a page put up. Through social networking, low-budget products now have a chance to compete with big-time merchandise. Finally!

Millions of people all over the world log on to their Facebook profiles several times a day. They use their own personal laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Some go as far as to borrowing from a friend, or even going to a computer shop, if they don’t have these devices on hand. These users share and like different posts every day. Research shows that any individual’s buying decision becomes greatly affected by what they see on Facebook. These posts can be anywhere from photos of their vacation, products they have used, establishments they have visited, and services they enjoyed. Mentioning the name of the product is enough to boost an unknown manufacturer’s popularity tenfold. And there is nothing better than free advertisement.

Facebook is doing pretty good

Facebook is doing pretty good

By creating your own page, Facebook users can mention or tag you in their posts, allowing more people to see and discover your products. All they need to do is simply click on your name and you can have as many as a hundred visits at any given time, with the number of likes and fans increasing every day.

That is why advertising through Facebook may be one of the best decisions you can ever make for your business. Who says you need to shell out thousands of dollars for advertising alone? Facebook makes it all possible without the need to go overboard with your budget! Good luck!

And many of the advertisers

And many of the advertisers